About Us

Bahamas Bounce and Jump, LLC. is indoor inflatable family entertainment center with a Caribbean Concept Of Fun and Festive. The Celebration of good times, and great achievements for our children is our focus. In the tradition of the Bahamian Culture family is very important, we at Bahamas Bounce And Jump have vowed to continue that tradition with our specific detail to family and fun time.


Our primary focus in our facility is for children between the ages of 1-13 years old.
Bahamas Bounce And Jump bounces are compatible for those age ranges,
and are not overwhelming for the children of that size. We provide an all inclusive
playtime and never will you be asked by your children for quarters or tokens, once
you are in its FUN! FUN! FUN!

Birthday Parties Are Our Specialty!

                                d variety of events, such as Club Bahamas Bounce which is a fitness party including dance, Laser Tag Parties , Video Parties, Fashion Making Parties, XBOX 360 facility rental for any kids activity you may need for your fundraiser or event.

We host Baby Showers, Meetings, Kiddie Cabarets, Carnival Parties, Character Rentals as well as Drop and Shop Services Madden 14 Parties, and other interactive games and theme parties.